Tiny Blessings, LLC

United States

Tiny Blessings, LLC was born in July of 2012. I love making handmade gifts for friends and family and felt so much pride when they loved what I made for them.

In December 2010, my husband was diagnosed with a very rare cancer that took us on a journey filled with surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and many, many nights in the hospital. During that time, I worked when I could at my full time job whenever and wherever I could just to keep up.

In December 2011, my husband was told he was in remission (Thank you God) and he was now back at work. Life was finally getting back to as normal as possible for us. Didn't last! I got sick from all the stress and was ordered to 3 mths of rest. I had a HUGE decision to make, SO...

It took many, many Tiny Blessings and some very HUGE blessings for us to be where we are today. I am so very thankful for ALL of the BLESSINGS in my life.

Thank you for sharing in my dream and for taking one more step of my journey alongside of me.